Grandfather Baragiotta was Spinning Director; his two sons – Mario and Lelio – founded two individual companies that always worked in the Textile sector.

During the seventies the Baragiotta brothers specialized in the assembly, disassembly and assistance of spinning machinery, collaborating with the main companies of the Italian textile scene, acquiring respect and recognition for the professionalism and competence of the services provided.

Baragiotta Impianti was born in the early 1980s as a result of the merger of the Baragiotta brothers’ two individual companies.

Thanks to the recognized competence acquired over the years, another fundamental step for the company is the beginning of the collaboration with Savio Macchine Tessili for the installation and maintenance of new and used machinery in its complete range.

BEMA was founded in 2002, developing more advanced and articulated skills thanks to its know-how.

The 3 partners, Attilio, Ernesto and Martino, are the children of the two original founders.

The first customer of BEMA was Savio Macchine Tessili in 2002, but thanks to its history, professional recognition and reputation, the company received other requests for collaboration from new customers.

In addition to continuing the collaboration with Savio, in the following years BEMA collaborated with RST (Marzoli Group), Miroglio Group, FMMG Group, Siatex etc. for the installation and/or relocation of their mchines both in Italy and abroad.

2007 is another milestone for BEMA: a new strategic collaboration began with one of the market leaders, the German company Karl Mayer, who is now its main customer.



Provide services and answers to customers with competent and top quality solutions by operating with flexibility all over the world.


Constantly raising our level of preparation oriented to solve problems and customer’s requests, we share our experiences internally in order to be more and more professional, available and reliable.


Respect, Reliability, Professionalism (Service, Competence, Availability), Seriousness, Confidentiality, Flexibility, Sharing, Problem Solving Capacity, Guaranteed Results.


BEMA has always worked closely with the main Italian and foreign companies in the textile sector, establishing important collaborations over time

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