Professionals for over 40 years

We operate in the textile sector to provide the customer with tailor-made technical solutions

For over 40 years, we have been providing integrated assembly, service, overhaul and maintenance services for textile production facilities.
In almost half a century of entrepreneurial history, the compass that has guided us in our pursuit of growth and success has always been clear and solid.

For which plants

Our experience embraces complete spinning and weaving plants

Complete spinning plants: spinning machines, winding machines, twisting machines, preparation machines, drawframes, spindles, combers, open end and weaving preparation machines.
Weaving: warping machines, sizing machines, denim dyeing lines both in flat and rope, looms.

List of services

Design and supervision of textile installations
Assembly and disassembly and overhaul of spinning, weaving preparation and weaving machinery
Assistance on textile machinery

  • Assistance on mechanical parts (replacement, overhaul and supply of spare parts).
  • Assistance on electrical parts (replacement, overhaul and supply of spare parts).
  • Assistance on electronic parts (replacement, overhaul and supply of spare parts).
  • Software development and support.
  • Assistance in the purchase of both new and used machinery
Technical advice and expertise
Technical advice and expert opinions on the realization of both new and used plants

Maintenance of textile machinery

Spare parts supply

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